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Originally Posted by Shadofax
Joe, when ya get back down there and you find a minute, please PM me with your cell # again, and exact address of where you are/how you can be reached on the OHSU campus.

will do.

just got home. got to town at about 1130 this morn. what a sucky drive.

just got off the phone with wife. baby girl got her first chemo injection. seems to be doin ok. is sleepin now.

spent a couple hours today with a realtor friend lookin at a new place to move to. bigger place but a bigger shithole. the owner says hes gonna pony up and pay to get a bunch of stuff fixed (previous renter had a dog that shit all over the carpet.....and the poop was still there ) but it dont look good. i got too high of standards and they went even higher now that my girl needs to stay healthy. hard to find good places to live here (for rent) that arent seriously expensive.

crap. i'm tired gonna sleep a couple of days i think.

Baby Girl
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