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i cant believe this sweet thing is gonna lose that beautiful hair

the social worker for the ward talked to my wife today about applyin for SSI for my daughter. hopefully we'll get it cause with me on disability for the foreseeable future and my wife missin work we need all the help we can get. thank god for health insurance. at least i still got that bein on Workman's comp. she is also lookin into other options for us. we may apply for state aid too. really hate to do that but what else do we do? i have no idea how much her meds are gonna cost. or her follow up appts. not to mention gas for her trips to Portland and/or Medford once a week. gas here in town went up to $3.09 while i was gone. bastards. We have already used the $1200 saved for my axle and the $600 saved for my sons plane ticket this summer from Ohio.

Anybody got any ideas or info on resources that i can contact, lemme know. anyone who knows what she may be in for, i would like your perspective on this.

hard part is that we are from Cali and the hospital is in Oregon. so the social worker doesn't have much stuff for us. i hate bein broken and bein broke too. that makes Joe a sad panda.

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