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Originally Posted by RebelCowboy
He"s at the top of Calif lol all by himself.

thats what the map says. I'm also an honorary PNW member cause they are the closest to me.

They sprung my kid today. shes back at the Ronald McDonald House. My wife (Angela) says that she is doin great and is as feisty as ever. i guess the steroids shes on make her a little hyper. they got her first set of 'scrips too. i guess they were REALLY spendy. again the insurance helps out. only $80 for this first go round thanx to co-pay's. i guess the chemo meds are pretty gnarly so she has to take Zantac for her tummy. she will have to take an antibiotic (forget what Ang said it was) on sat and sun every week to help bolster her immune system and prevent infection. also the docs say that her urine could actually burn her and us. they recommend wearing gloves to change her diaper. i say fawk that. i ain't gonna make her feel weird wonderin why daddy has gloves on now when he never did before. cant be worse then battery acid. i ain't that much of a pu$$y.

she has to check back into the hospital on Tues for the surgery to have the "port" put in. she will have a small incision in her chest then they thread the tube up thru a vein into her right atrium. the upside is that she wont have any tubes and junk hanging all over the place and she'll be able to play like normal. then when they give her the injection, they numb the skin over the port, use a special needle that goes thru the skin, into the port which has a special "diaphragm" that seals itself after the needle is pulled out. hopefully it wont be to traumatic for her.

Angela says that she thinks the two lumps on her neck have actually gone down. i hope so and that it ain't just a little wishful thinkin.

on the flip tho my 4 yr old Taran has been a total pill. she is being totally unmanageable for my wife. i think that she has a bad bad case of the green meanies. her sister is gettin a lot of attention from a lot of people and Taran is way jealous. I'm gonna have to whup her when i get back up there.

not really. we're just gonna have to find ways to make her feel special too.

after a little research by Mark (Shadofax), we have an address if anyone wants to send a card or anything:

Loran Rose Eatmon
Room # 202
c/o Ronald McDonald House
3440 SW US Veterans Hospital Road
Portland, OR 97239

I'm pretty lonely here all by myself. and scatterbrained too. took out some trash earlier and locked myself outta my apartment. luckily had my cell (got a death grip on it actually) and called my landlord and she swung by and let me in. what a jackin fukass. tried goin over to a friends house but felt even more lonely surrounded by folks. guess if i cant be with my three girls I'd rather be alone. i can only take so much sympathy right in my face.

oh well. what doesn't kill us makes us stronger, right?

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