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itwasFREE!!!! 12-08-2017 01:48 PM

Yo Northeast Chapter,
Your FOTY 2016 winner here, calling out a challenge, there’s plenty of you here With righteous Rigs from show trucks to Extreme i’m asking you to nominate your fellow Bronco’s January March May July and September of next year for the FOTM contest it’s the challenge between the chapters! Let’s blow this contest up bragging rights and prices are huge! Do we have any brave contestants out there worthy of the challenge? Nominations for January are going on right now. And if you want to run yourself post your name in the want to be Forum of FOTM

itwasFREE!!!! 12-11-2017 07:45 PM

HEY I am yelling here. Where are you??:popc1::popc1:

Nominate your Bronco Brethren for FOTM Jan 2017. I hear you all got some serious Broncos but I don't see none being nominated for the show, maybe its not true, but I find that hard to believe! Don't be bashful now show us what you got, maybe you can be in a issue of Bronco Driver Magazine??? Now get out there and nominate someone will ya?

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