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esigman 05-17-2018 11:06 AM

New to me 1988 Bronco project - where do I start
I just joined the Bronco owners family...I acquired a 1988 fullsize 5spd bronco (probably a MAJOR project) from a buddy. The truck is in pieces right now because he had a guy fixing the rust and painting the frame/underbody....but then they quit. Most of the hard work/welding and sanding was done but now i am left with a mess to put back together...motor is out, all body panels and doors/hood/tailgate removed. I have all the original pieces/bolts/trim but would like some advice on where to start putting it back together. Im not looking to go back completely original - I really just want to get it painted white, get the motor back in, and put body back together. Im thinking about building more of a "beach" truck and keeping the top off, getting a bikini top with roll cage, and maybe half doors. The motor going back in is a built 302 with a Trick Flow "mustang" top end kit.... I didn't build the motor so I'm not really sure what I have (im a Chevy 350 guy in the past). My real question is, should i go ahead and get the truck body painted now before i start putting pieces and motor back together? Should I put motor back in and front clip and see how it drives? Thanks for the help!

Ill try to include a few pictures below:

Dee 05-17-2018 11:55 AM

The question about when to paint depends on your equipment. If you are having it done at a body shop and can get the shell and parts there it may be easier to do that.

If you cannot get it there as is then get it back together then drive it to a body shop.

It looks like a great beginning to a fun build! If you end up doing half doors I'll be stalking your thread for ideas haha

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TravisITGuy 05-17-2018 12:24 PM

a chilton/haynes manual will be of great help with reassembly.

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