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  • Willm713 ·
    I am not a FireFighter. My brother and I had thoughts of joining as most young men do. My thoughts moved to military service but unfortunately I was decent enough at baseball to play in college and it got me a little deterred. I support all departments however. I also have quite a few friends that are firefighters and police. I also am involved with a few political committees in Houston so I keep up with some of the items. Recently i think it is atrocious what our local government is doing to the firefighters and their families.

    The paint job is previous owner, his 12 yr old son decided since it was a deer-lease vehicle that they could turn it into red 'digi-camo'. There is a tool at Home Depot that allows you to just spray paint the pattern. Deers only see in shades of grey so it worked...also why the back-seat is facing backward.

    That will be last item to change but i would like it to be classic red and black top with all black 'murdered-out' style bumpers, tint, etc.
    Willm713 ·
    Well when I bought it, the previous owner had left it in a field and some mice/rats got to some of the wiring. I found the short using a multimeter and just installed a kill switch next to the ignition.

    I will re-check on the forum, but every time I search or inquire everyone just says to buy the full wiring harness. Thing is, I can't find any shop/store/online/etc. that sells for this era (like 80-88).

    So I think my options are to rummage through a junkyard on an old 85ish F150-350 and just see what looks similiar. Right now I dont have a real issue, just curious on what it looks like to replace.

    Willm713 ·
    P.S. I was curious on how the wiring harnesses work as apparently there is not a standard one for '85. Do you know different?

    Currently I have a kill switch installed on a short that i found.

    Willm713 ·

    Ya I am eager to learn all I can, why I offer to help. We try and go to Crosby as often as we can. I have not been in about a year as needed to get some things right on the Bronco and life...

    We actually may be going this Saturday just to have a little fun. I plan to have a new mechanic look at mine soon as i want to get some professional opinions on some things im interested in.

    Main concern now is taking the time and teaching myself how to clean a carburetor!

    Take care,
    Willm713 ·

    Just wanted to touch base. My name is Will and number is 713.410.6395. Very new to mechanic'in but very interested. Let me know if you need help with anything and i would be glad to lend some help.

    Also, if you ever go ride, let me know. As of now i occasionally get out to Crosby for a quick run but that is about it.

    Thank you,
    convcit ·
    Hows she going... passed by on my way home from work and saw te hood up.. I got mine rolling again yea... I'll have to bring her over and show her to ya.
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