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  • digger159 ·
    hey do you have the time to take like 2-3 pics of your top for me ??... i have a canvas dude who needs to see what i am talking about...he is giving me pricing...
    dorockman ·
    I have an 89 bronco 302 having starting problems has new tank, both fuel pumps ,.and new filter dont want to start runs fine when it starts got it started ran a good parked it started no problem went around the corner shut it off 5 minutes later had trouble starting. Put some injector cleaner in drove 20 miles shut it off would not start
    88black&tan ·
    disregard my last, new to this site.....actually read my welcome and searched for the problem looks like a common and easy fix thanks for your time anyway.
    88black&tan ·
    Just bought my son an 88 eddie bauer with an automatic trans. the engine has to rev way up until it slams into gear first thru 4. changed filter and fluid still a neck breaker. does not seem to slip at all...any ideas
    construction33 ·
    Hello, I had a few questions, I have a 1991 ford bronco, 351 windsor 4x4. I was wondering if all of the smog equipment is absolutely necessary, I live in Kansas so no smog and to I have a hesitation. I let it warm up in the morning, 10 to 15 minutes before going to work. leaving the house no problem but when I slow down and start to speed up it bogs down or hesitates until i smash it to the floor then runs. I had to to the repair shop and they hooked the computer to it and said everything's running fine except that it has the original cat. I am in the process of redoing the exhaust and new high end plugs, wires cap and rotor and new coil. If you can help that would be great. thnx
    '89Bronco302 ·
    I'm not sure exactly what you mean by the rear one came out of the frame but I would avoid doing the washer thing in most situations if you can. Granted I did the same thing on my one engine mount, it was a temporary fix. If you can replace whatever the faulty part is, but if not at least make sure everything is secure no matter what way you repair it..
    93mudslut ·
    i have a 93 with a 3inc bod lift. the rear one came out of the frame . the frame mounts are still intact i was wondering if u had advice, i was thinkin about putting all thread thru the lift and big washers on the frame and putting back together
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