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  • miesk5 ·

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    'ʎʇnɐǝqʞlq96 o⅄
    Sturgeonsurgeon ·
    "You can run 12.50" wide tire on an 8" wide wheel no problem. Lots of people do it. Hell, you can even run them on your stock 7.5" wide wheels if you want. I ran that setup for a couple years."

    Here is my old 96 with about 2" of lift on 33x12.50x15's and stock wheels.

    "I don't remember any rubbing with this setup."
    I like this setup. What 2" lift did you use? Coil spacers? AAL? Was it needed to clear the front bumper? I'm considering putting 33x12.5x15's on my stock 15x7.5 rims with a Broncoair front bumper. I may do a small lift or not depending on how she sits or rubs. Did you have radius arm rubbing?
    broncohogs ·
    BFG AT's are what I originaly wanted....I have been looking for 32"s but they are back ordered so I was thinking of BFG MT's in a 32. Are the BFG AT on your Bronco 32's?
    broncohogs ·
    I need to buy a set of tires and Iam looking 32" bfg mt. What do you have on in this picture? I want to get an idea of what they will look like mounted...
    xLinzix ·
    I've been trying to find some cheapy 33s, its slow haha. poor college student, so not gonna happen right now, but itd in the near future! and the steps are coming off this weekend :)
    xLinzix ·
    what wheels do you have no yours? I just bought Cragar black soft 8s for mine. Cracking up at how your truck is basically what I want mine to look like. I have good taste I suppose. Have a good weekend!
    Doose ·
    AHH MAN! I'm totally jealous! I was just reminiscing about a concert of theirs that I went to a couple months ago and it got me thinking that I am in dire need of another! Life is good.. nothing to report really. It's been raining like a dog up here for the past few weeks. I think Hawaii is calling! haha How's you?
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