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  • JohnMcD348 ·
    That, I couldn't really tell you. My only experience in refueling was with, I'd assume, the 130's as they were refueling the CH46's, 53's, and 60's that I was on at the time. But it was dark and I was busy with other things to really notice.

    I really hadn't thought about the particular air speed considerations between the Jet and Rotary wing craft. What got me wondering was how some jets, like many fighters have the stinger that couples with the basket type delivery system. But, larger aircraft and some larger fighters actually have the port that the refueler actually inserts into. I really don't know what the terminology is between the two types.

    I guess my question comes down to, could a craft like a KC135 deliver fuel to both the boom and drag hose? Are they equipped with both delivery devices to accommodate a B52 and an F/A 18 or would it require 2 differently equipped tankers?
    JohnMcD348 ·
    I have an AF kinda question and wondered if you can answer it.

    The Tankers they use for aerial refueling. Thinking the big tankers and not the modified jets used for refueling work. The probes in the rear end they use to "fly" to the aircraft being refueled. Do they have both a basket and probe on the end to accommodate either type of aircraft or is it setup specifically by the crew prior to deployment?

    My thinking is that logistically, they wouldn't have a tanker up there only capable of refueling other large craft using the probe or just a tanker with a basket used to refuel jets and rotary wing craft. Am I wrong on this?
    the_law_man01 ·
    It's all good on the window, sir. I'm thinking I might grab a tinted (as opposed to tinting film) glass from LMC soon since my side windows are tinted glass already.

    I'm really digging you rear bumper. I've been thinking I need to do something like that. I already have a hitch receiver installed so I won't have to worry about that part, just the gas can, jack, and spare tire mounts.

    Once I get my 4bt swap driveable, I might have to make a run down your way. We could maybe swap ideas. I'm just up I-35 from you in Wichita, KS area.

    By the way, thank you very much for your service. It really does mean a lot to me and my family.

    Spence ·
    Thanks for all of the time you put into that post of the 16 year olds bronco I really appreciate it!
    clifgray ·
    Hey I was digging your posts during FOTM. Did you notice any major advantage to having your intake closer to the cold air coming in from the front? I'm thinking about doing the same if you recommend it.
    1990 on 40s ·
    thank you for the advice. I checked it out before i bought it. It has an 8 inch skyjacker suspension lift with a 3 inch body lift. thankfully no blocks were used.
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