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  • Rodan ·
    It is up and running, my wife's been driving it to work since we've had snow this week.

    I don't really follow the FOTM all that much, and though I appreciate the thought, I don't really consider mine to be at a level that I would submit it. I have so much planned for it, but it keeps getting pushed back on the project list! LOL

    Thanks for the thought!
    White Dragon ·
    Hi Blue,

    I have never purchased from LEB but, would imagine they supply good products. :shrug
    itwasFREE!!!! bought one from them a while back.
    (I don't know the end result tho')

    A Guy can't go wrong with an alternator upgrade, Especially if your adding a Lot of Electronics.
    (Dual Batts, Winch, Lights, Elec Lockers, etc...)

    Good Luck.

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