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  • miesk5 ·
    Are the smoked headlights still available?
    You have 2 members asking.
    Let me know if and when they are sold.
    RedMonte85 ·
    Hi there, I have noticed after reading many of your comments that you seem to have built a few 351's. I am going to be rebuilding a 351 and I was wondering if you had any experience with using twisted wedge heads on any of the engines you have built? I am going for about 350hp to the wheels and not trying to break the bank with AFR's. Thanks
    2RM ·

    I was wondering if you would be able to help me run a car fax tag check on a the following WA state plate number? AOD7209

    The VIN should match up to WDCYR49E03x135032

    stormfinder ·
    Got your Note the other day, haha now my question is, could you smell the bronco when it entered your city, or did the big black cloud of doom give it away?
    Smok3y ·
    I knew your rig looked familiar!! You have GKR's old ride! Didn't you used to have an old green bricknose runnin pitbulls and deavers?? Do you still have pics of that truck? Lemme know if you have a supermotors page because I wana see the old truck and i know you wheel that new black truck on 40s and gkr never really had the chance to (and neither did that guy zmd)
    Dawgfan ·
    Sorry man, I don't get on here that much. Workin 12-14 hr days 6 days a week till I finish a project at work. I'm actually here today all day but should be off tomorrow. Putting the axle back in wouldn't be a problem but it still won't have steering. My cell is 803-439-7377 if u want to give me a call
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