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  • miesk5 ·
    Yo T,
    I contacted BroncoZone.com owner about the issue. He is a good person and is an internet experts as well as data base designer/manager, etc. He also owns supermotors.net and is e-manage for Jeff's Broncograveyard.
    He is always busy, but will solve this issue.

    Ask schwim about an ad blocker.

    Have a great holiday T!
    miesk5 ·
    Thanks! A few other moderators discussed this earlier today. I deleted the entire thread at BroncoZone to alleviate more issues. Schwim looked into it. Will see if he can track the source. Al
    BikerPepe` ·
    use the report feature to report the post with the offending link and someone on staff will take care of it. :beer
    I'm retired and can't change anything around here anymore.
    bsd4083 ·
    hI I just made a discovery I thought i should share.. Many here are restoring and maintaining Bronco... In my own back yard I Discovered LMC Truck.. right here in kansas and the have everything for inside/ outside...especially sheet-metal, bracket, panels, dashes weather seals...ALL NEW made in kansas about 50% less than most internet sightS..I lwas very impressed! oved it had to share it...
    Ford Truck Parts and Truck Accessories from LMCTruck.com

    great schematics.... and detail parts... I hope everyoine finds this useful and shares this Truck Parts and Truck Accessories,,, best wishes Therin
    bsd4083 ·
    Hi My name is Therin apparently one of the few women here.. and I love my Bronco.....

    I have started a restoration of my 1987 XLT Beast.....

    Add on's and Improvements:
    SO FAR !.. no lift planned! going for super MPG

    New DIODE - Instrument Lights & Head Lamps, New 3G, New Pro-Comp 3000 shocks, all New U-joints and Bearings, NEW Eaton Detroit-Locker(3.55 Rear End), New M/T 9.5 x 29.5 tires, 5.0 in full rebuild
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