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  • BikerPepe` ·
    Just another FSB wing-nut stumbling around, leaving Happy Birthday wishes!
    :beer :bday :beer Hope it's a great day and a better year ahead! :thumbup
    kronos ·
    I'm up for the EB overhead console, if it's in working condition and the mounting plate, wiring harness and senor bulb and wiring come with it
    94spareparts ·
    Hey I'm sorry also I just saw you replied to me. I'm not very computer savvy. I bought the Redhead and put it on and I now drive the Bronco every weekend. If I could only get the Bronco out of single digit gas mileage I might take it on vacation this summer. Thanks.
    MarktheShark ·
    Hey man, I live just outside of Leesburg, I would like to take one of those temp sensors off your hands if that is ok. What price would you say? I could even meet you somewhere in your neck of the woods, its only about a 30-40 min drive for me.
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