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  • CaliforniaBronco ·
    Hey dash_cam,

    Sorry to bother you, but Al/ miesk5 said you had good advice on having an independent inspection done at the sellers location. I tried looking around in the search to find your post regarding that and couldn't. If you could direct me to that post I would appreciate it!

    Thanks in advance,
    BikerPepe` ·
    oh my. aren't you the funny guy. my ol' lady walks in this morning with a package. says my "Penis Enlarger" has arrived. then she looks at me all serious like and asks if I'm trying to kill her. :goodfinge

    good one bud. thanks for that coil. looks like a little more plastic busted off the clip housing but should still be fully functional.

    and yea... I put this here so everyone who tries to leave you a msg. will see what a smart-ass you are. ;) :beer
    White Dragon ·
    Howdy Dash,

    Kinda Late and you might have your hands full with the Weather.

    I just nominated you for FOTM.

    Hope you ALL are OK in Texas.

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