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  • Ramsgear ·
    I've got the same stock wheels on mine...I missed out on how you ended up getting those cleaned up, could you share with me again! Thanks.

    I'm in the process of restoring my 90, it's a 302 with 5sp manual. I've got a Ford Motorsport 302 ordered, going with a MAF conversion and already updated the Mazda 5sp to a ZF. Going to go with a 4" lift and 33's...I supposed the tires are pretty quite on the road, do you know how they are in mud/snow? Thanks again..Dave in Wichita, KS
    ChiroMatt ·
    Apologies, i guess i should describe my goals and budget.
    10 to 15k budget
    Have many hours of high speed freeway driving to get to off road spots.
    Highway manners need to be supurb #1.
    Haul family comfotably#2
    Prerun #3
    Trail # 4

    Couple other questions.

    What about the rear end leafs.
    Did you use 3" bronco leafs or switch to 2.5 f150 leafs?

    Coilovers in front?

    Air bumps?


    ChiroMatt ·
    Read your build threads. Great build, and communication on plan to build process.
    Recently purchased a 96 Eddie .

    How do you like the ct autofab front end?
    I am considering 4" wider so front end retains stock beam geometry.
    Any thoughts?
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