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  • ilystbronco ·
    i have a question about ur alternator pukkey on ur cummins swap, i got the same kit from gos amd my alternator oulley got damages and i cant seam to find a new one i need gelp asap pleas
    MarktheShark ·
    Good morning. I think we talked last year a little bit about the National seats that you have/had in your bronco. I was wanting to know how you fabricated the base to allow the passenger seat to fold up like that?
    BronCummin5.9 ·
    Are your motor mounts custom made or ordered? If you ordered them where did you find them at? I have a 94 cummins 5.9 and 93 Bronco I am trying to gather parts for the swap. I dont have mad fabrication skills nor do I have a fully outfitted shop to work from so the fewer parts I have to fab would help speed the swap up. I am also curious about the fuel pickup mods can you give me a detailed discription?
    gos ·
    Sorry for the late reply. The picture links were changed and I have been to busy to correct them, sorry about that. Here is a link to the entire album. Hope that helps! I spent right at $15K to the swap, added a Tru Trac, rebuilt the transfer case and a few other things. I am sure you could do it for a lot less. Let me know if you have any question or need a source for parts. JS.
    jat2304 ·
    I was checking out your cummins engine swap. I was unable to view any of the pics. Could you r repost them or send me a couple of the completed job? How much did the job cost total also? THank
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