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  • schwim ·
    Haha, it doesn't actually exist. I just thought a 2020 "Bronco" made as good a fit on the site as the "Bronco" II :)
    milan65 ·
    Hi, Okay. My phone number is 702.606.8100 You can txt or call. Perhaps you can find out from the camp host how to transfer it on me. I don't think it's necessary to do 3way. The teardrops length is about 11' incl the front hitch. Milan
    milan65 ·
    Hi, Thank you for your response. We are coming with small teardrop trailer. Is your campsite designated just for tent or will that be OK? If it is OK how do we transfer it onto my name? I can pay you the deposit via PayPal. Let me know. Thank you. Milan
    milan65 ·
    Hi, I was wondering - do you still have for sale the reservation on Moab Rim RV Resort & Campground for the upcoming FSB Moab Invasion? Please let me know. If yes - what dates/price and spot location/number? Thank you. Milan
    itwasFREE!!!! ·
    I did the 160 amp, so cant comment about 200amp. however if its anything like the 160 you should be just fine. i thought the 1 wire set up should of been bigger or more stout or what ever the electricians call fatter wire. lol mine seems to be flimsey when ive been wheeling all day. but so far so good. they are great people to work with. i wish i had the money id buy some of their other products as well.
    Blue1551 ·
    Eric, I am looking at a 200 amp alternator upgrade. What do you think of left eye blind one wire alternator setup.
    Blue1551 ·
    HI it is Jeff AKA Blue1551. When we were at the meet and greet in Phoenix, 4 Wheeler Supply you were telling me about the alternate upgrade. I can't remember which one you suggest the one wire or the other. But witch ever one it is, could you send me a list of the items needed to complete the upgrade. I am going to get this done before I do the electric fan modifications to help with my over heating problem.

    Thanks, I am not in a hurry because I am changing the water pump first I found the weep hole leaking. I also think the clutch for the fan is bad.
    itwasFREE!!!! ·
    I understand as well as agree. With the 8.8 and its sway bar mounting placement. I was able to stop by The Tractor supply store and pick up some schedule 8 hitch pins . (i think they are schedule 8 might just be painted lol. anyways with a few washers and a clevis pin i can efficiently pull the pins and release the top extensions then all i need to do is crawl under and remove the 8 bolts and nuts that hold the u bolts in place.
    You do bring up a valid point about having REAL bumpers and their weigh, cage, tools, etc, If i have time this week i am going to call jon myself and ask what they are putting in the rear of the Overland vehicles, plus time Permitting will call Rancho and see if I cant pry some info from them regarding the valving and the different settings on the 9000s. So until then keep the rubber side down.
    deathmobile2 ·
    Erick - better late than never!

    78/79 sway bar mounts under the axle vs later models being over the axle. I wound up not taking it off between the time I installed and the time I took it off a few weeks ago when I upgraded my rear axle.

    It did help quite a bit, but when I put it back on I also realized that my rear shackle bushings were no longer serviceable and had a tremendous amount of play in them. I upgraded to poly bushings and reinstalled the sway bar - this greatly improved control.

    However, since I took the bar off as it won't fit on the new rear end, I have not noticed it being as bad as it was before. Could be that I am much more used to how the vehicle rides.

    I think my bigger issue is shock valving. These soft deavers with extra weight of cage, big spare, big bumpers, 100lbs of dynamat, tools, etc really like to cycle up and down, so I think I need a lot more damping than the 255/70's I am running now.
    not a jeep ·
    part 2

    5)Draft bylaws. ...

    6)Appoint directors. ...
    Manny, Moe and Jack

    7)Hold a meeting of the board.
    Good excuse to go wheeling!

    8) Set up a bank account

    9)Set date, time and location of event for raffle

    10) Purchase Raffle Tickets

    11) Get a Bronco - hit Randy up at Driven to see if he will front us the truck until we can afford to pay him back or better yet if he'd donate. If this doesn't work then pool some up front capital and go buy us one

    12) Organize club member volunteers to help with the build and ticket sales.

    13) Member volunteers hit the weekend car shows and 4x4 club events around the city to sell tickets and promote the build and raffle.

    That's it for now!

    not a jeep ·
    Good morning,

    This message is going to be sent as two parts due to the length :banghead

    I've done a bit of research this week on the ins and outs of putting together this bronco raffle. First things first is we need to be a legit legal entity, below are the requirements to do so-

    1)Choose a name. ...
    AZ Bronco Club

    2)File articles of incorporation. ...
    Need to set up a nonprofit corporation with the Arizona Corporation Commision http://www.azcc.gov/Divisions/Corporations/forms/starpas/instructionsSTPS/C011i-Instructions-Articles-of-Inc-Nonprofit-STPS.pdf

    3)Apply for your IRS tax exemption. ...
    Obtain an EIN. File for a 501C3 status with the IRS https://www.irs.gov/charities-non-profits/application-for-recognition-of-exemption

    4)Apply for a state tax exemption. ...
    itwasFREE!!!! ·
    yep gotta love RCV axles & the wty, I have driven out of reddington in frt wheel drive from 3 feathers also, with a blown rear end in fact one of my videos shows me blowing it up kinda.

    Pls VOTE for itwasFREE!!!! for FOTY
    RicksBroncoBeast ·
    U-Joint front axles of course... Writing and talking to my honey at the same time...lol I had to sell my vintage 78 BMW R100S motorcycle to validate the purchase of my RCV alxes...
    RicksBroncoBeast ·
    I haven't been on this site for awhile so I am not surprised to be a loner. I have been busy with life though. Looks like your bronco isn't free anymore...lol RCV front axles...NICE. I love mine. I broke my rear driveshaft yoke after I put on the 5.5" superflex suspension and had to drive out from deep back road (Again Chiva Falls), in front wheel drive only. Yes all the way home. I cannot believe the hills I climbed with only the front...lol No way I would have made that journey with u-joint driveshafts up front, especially with the locker binding the short axle... I am assuming you are locked up front and rear?
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