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  • Elway ·
    How have you been Jared?! Haven't seen your truck in a while as I used to see it around the foothills often. The rain lately has been fun to play in around the neighborhood. There's a spot in the desert behind Mesa Del Sol that has some pretty good mud to play in. Yes actual mud in Yuma, not sand! See you around.

    Elway ·
    Got the MSD Coil pack, cap and rotor in. bumped timing and gapped plugs to .55. It is running better but will need some time to see the fuel advantages. Getting new tires in July. I think I am going to get 245/75/16 Big-O All Terrains. I like discounts value but Big-O has gone above and beyond in service for issues with my wife's van so I will go with them. Next year it will be the soft top! Thanks for the invite on the run but with the part time job I really don't have much spare time.
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