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  • miesk5 ·
    Yo Kingfish999,
    Happy Birthday!

    "Life is one big canvas, throw all the paint you can at it⚠"
    by Danny Kaye
    miesk5 ·
    Yo Kingfish,
    If you want to look young and thin on your birthday . . . then hang around a bunch of old, fat people.
    MattTerrill ·
    Hey, I just turned my steering wheel too fast at a left turn and blew out a new pepboys power steering pump. Do you still have 1 of yours in stock? If so, how much? thanks
    digger159 ·
    hey bud disregard the message i sent out to you ... I found a kit of the water pump bolts at JBG...still have to extract the bolt out of the motor when this friggin rains stops but at least I can put new studs in there now...sorry to bother ya with my shit...
    digger159 ·
    kingfish, i was working on my bronc changing the water pump and a bolt broke in the motor....do you have any extra bolts laying around that are the long duel purpose bolts that hold the water pump and air conditioner bracket on ??? damn ! if you could call me i would really appreciate it bud....frank - 727-255-0957
    digger159 ·
    Hey Kingfish...in fall I am coming back to Florida....I live up in Spring Hill, just out here in Oregon because the wife got a transfer out here for the third time last year. I wanted to say hi because when I am there I am always looking for riders. I have the whole Withlacoochie Forest GPS'd and parts of the Ocala Nat. Forest...also, for a decent ride (not hard ride) check out the Chasahowitzka Widlife management area...not a big place but a nice ride and several trails you can take....it is just about 15 miles or so north of Route 50 where Weeki Wachee is on Rte. 19....watch the left side of 19 after Weeki Wachee high school right when you are going up...the ride isn't tough but its good, the truck will get dirty, and the trails are tricky...game is usually abundant....oh yeah and back by the dive area is where I twisted the tranny off my Jeep in that wonderful FLorida swamp mud. We should be back by Sept some time...maybe we can go tear some shit up together....
    Kingfish999 ·
    not much left. Anclote across the street from the power plant which was a nice area in Holiday was hit hard with cops recently. The Preserves was in Oldsmar near the oldsmar flea market was bulldozed. Clayhole was a place in pinellas park but i havent heared anything about that place in over a year. Bolton was a palce that eventually died from cops and is now flooded but thats in Hudson. Only place really left anymore is Eastpits which is in Hudson alittle further than Bolton. I usually go there every friday night but its mostly sand and not much else and it would be about that far from you if not worse. What places you know of?
    bucked_up ·
    where do you guys ride up there? we dont have anything decent within 45 mins that i know of but i would really like to find some other spots and some other people to ride with
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