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  • grovermyson ·
    Hey Miesk,
    Looks like I can't post any longer on FSB. I get the following alert..."grovermyson, you do not have permission to access this page"
    Maybe I'm being put in FSB jail for too many dumb questions....lol.

    Can you help?

    Nice to see you finally got your just rewards.....a Mod no less....:notworthy Well, it's not like it wasn't bound to happen......:thumbup
    Cobra Jet ·
    Hey buddy!

    I haven’t been on here in a bit, but thanks for the 2019 Bday wishes!

    Hope all is well on your side!

    leatherneck ·
    Ok, wasn't sure...Today my Bronco died from what seems to be the fuel pump not working.

    Friend towed it home for me...only problem seems to be the fuel pump is not priming when the key is turned on.

    I've been searching the forum but can't find the right words on how to test a 94 5'8 fuel pump.

    What would you suggest?
    leatherneck ·
    I sent you a PM last week with more detailed comment on the DodgeConnection site, but

    noticed it isn't in my sent PM's to you...did you receive it.

    Hope you are well...Marines count on our Navy for many things...ya sure took damn good care

    of me!
    leatherneck ·
    Hi Al, Sending unit I bought from DodgeConnection bench test works fine.

    Haven't put the fuel tank back in yet but been trying to get to it. Seems to be a company with

    quality parts. Charles
    leatherneck ·
    Hi Al...just saw your Birthday note, Thank you. I went to my contacts to find your contact info.

    The sending unit came in this afternoon. It is brand spanking new w/ float and strainer and gasket.

    Wasn't much time left in the day but I did insert it in the fuel tank for fit and I will need to bend

    the pick up tube just a bit so the unit will fit flush with the top of the tank. As it is now, when I put it in, the assembly sticks up a little where the 6 fastening screws go but that's no big deal... Bending the bottom of the pickup tube will allow it to rest in the right position.

    Also, tried to do a resistance check with ohm meter to make sure when the float arm moved the ohms
    reading would indicate or reflect that.

    So I should be good to go for tomorrow...well, there's that age factor (mine) I should say,"I hope to get it in tomorrow."

    I'll have to read back over your post and make sure you have all the information you inquired about.

    leatherneck ·
    Hi miesk, I'm trying to locate a Fuel Tank Sending unit assembly for a 76 Dodge M880.

    I know it's not a Bronco but I'm sure they must have used them on that era Fords.

    My tank had 6 screws that attache it to the plastic fuel tank...all I'm coming up with after countless hours

    of research, is zilch, there are ones, but they use a mounting style that has steel rings to mount to the

    tank. Unless you know of a confirmed source (I've checked, RA, LMC, Ebay, Amazon, Steel Soilders, G503,

    Walacks, MidWest Military Supply(very nice folks) and many others... can mine be converted to

    the steel ring attachment style.

    Mine has a pickup tube with sock, a vent tube to fill spout, 2 posts, 1 for gauge, 1 for ground.

    Thank you for any advice or help.
    jsb767 ·
    My next doo neighbor and I have the same birthday. Born at the same hospital. He says we were swapped at birth since my life started out quite a bit better than his, according to him. I’ll be 74 in Oct.
    richclas32 ·
    So I actually had a worthwhile question that has not been beaten to death. A veritable unicorn! OK I'll start it. Thanks.
    StevenP ·
    hahaha, thanks for the Bday message Miesk! I've been busy getting my beast ready for sale :( actually just logged on to post it for sale here and saw your message. I really appreciate it the bday wishes, and don't let anyone, including yourself, tell you you're getting old! You're just getting wiser!!!
    locopny ·
    Appreciate it! Was a good day. got to spend it with my gal...and my back didnt go out. Also happens to be our anniversary...so Im not likely to forget that date.
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