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  • Richard729 ·
    Good Morning my Friend, I'm hoping that you can help on this "problem" I'm having.

    I need to replace the bottom mounting piece(s) for my drivers side captain chair. It would be for a 1996 Bronco with power lumbar and the reclining back feature. What I'm looking for is the Ford part number(s) so I can do a search on the internet. I'm thinking, like everything else on the 1996, that the part is obsolete. Needing a 4WABS module also if you know of a source.

    Thanks in advance, young man. Hoping your health is doing great!

    Richard P. Chase
    [email protected]
    jsb767 ·
    Hey, I just saw your birthday message. Thanks, and happy belated to you also. And also thank you for all of the valuable info you supply to everyone. I'm mainly just a lurker unless Something really catches my interest or I have personal knowledge of. I was also 73 and as the old adage goes ' I would have taken better care of myself -------. Take care, John
    1992bronco1 ·
    Hi Miesk5.

    The purpose of this note is to personally thank you for helping me. My impression is that you enjoy volunteering your time and expertise to help a person.

    I have decided to sell the Bronco. Would you view a video of it and give me your opinion of what I should sell it for?

    I can PM you the link today or tomorrow and would be grateful for other resources that you might know of that would help me to find the right home for her.

    Thank You


    Call me if you want
    RWR25/93 ·
    Finally found a way to contact you! I even started a bogus FB acct again! The Bronco Zone CHAPTA doesn't work, I tried several different computers, ipads, etc - RWR25 from Houston with the red 93 I forgot my password, tried to do a new sign in but that Chaptcha thing doesn't work. Finally getting her back on the road!

    TheHalfJamaican ·
    Yo, I just hit 30 posts and I tried uploading my most recent thread to the '80-'96 tech section, but it wouldn't allow me. Could you possibly move it there? It might be helpful for people with the same problem as me, but I thought you would know best.
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