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  • mettler ·
    I'm trying to find a new shift cam for the 1356 esof I've got on my 89 xlt. It looks like your the man to ask about parts. Somehow the previous owner had broke the shift cam tab that sits into the torsion spring. then he rewelded it and it broke again. where would you go to find this part new? -mike
    93bauer ·
    hey miesk,i was wondering if you knew the answer to this?{well im sure you do}..im having stumbling issues at 1500 rpms. i narrowed it down to the egr valve opening and causeing it to stumble. my question is what gives the computer the signal to open the valve?it seems to me that it opens too early. i appriecate any info.. 1993 5.0l e40d.
    pjvoegerl ·
    Hi I read about the exploded diagram of the 91 bronco front axle. good artical it helped, thanks
    but I have another problem, mine has 2 of the special locking nuts on the spindle (sorry if not using rite terms) one was on when I opened it up the other was off, I cleaned out the gunk and crap but the threads on the spindle are jacked up and I can't get the inside nut off or the outside nut on because of it.
    what can I do?
    B-man ·
    No problem my friend. You have helped me massively with your knowledge and links as well as many others in here.
    chromecowboy ·
    i have a quick question about ford parts interchange lists. all the junk yards that i get a hold of dont have an accurate interchange list. i was hoping you might have access to one? i'm looking for a specific bracket on my 40-2-40 bucket seat. i know that bucket seats were in some broncos, some extended cabs/ crew cabs. are the van seat brackets the same? what about explorers? My bronco is a 95 xlt. thanks in advance!
    black85gt ·
    Hey miesk5. I noticed you seem to have wiring diagrams for just about everything, Do you have one for the horn/cruise under the column? The previous owner had his aftermarket alarm taken out before I bought it and the wiring wasn't put back together correctly. My horn works when the key is off but while running it doesn't work. Nor does the cruise control.
    96awol ·
    K, so in dealing with my little flashy-flasher problem (code 23, SRS error) I have come to realise that the connection is NOT the concern and therefore.... do you have any idea of about how much one of these buggers might run me, or any procedures for testing resistance through the sensor itself to 'confirm' its faulty? Kinda would like to test the circiut - BUT will NOT be doing that, as it means juice to the system, and possible bag triggering, Ummmmm... NOPE! So I can only test the sensor itself if there's a way to do so. ANy newfangled or fancy ideas for this one???
    96awol ·
    I see you posted some excellent info regarding airbag idiot light codes. Can you tell me where I can find some diagrams or exploded-views of component locations for the sensors and/or brackets? I got a code 23 quite some time ago and now have the time to chase this thing down and correct the problem. All I know is that it's supposed to be in the right rear quarter of the body, and I don't want to tear out half the interior in winter just to find it.
    Destructive Mechanic ·
    Hey no sweat man. I do it because I like what i do. Looking at getting my knee worked on again soon from an injury I got last deployment. Hopefully it goes better this time and they dont make me hang up my spurs and I can keep on doing it...lol
    brunus ·
    yo meisk, i got a tech question and was directed to come to you.
    i have a 91 fsb with the 5.8 and the e4od and i was wondering if you might have the wiring diagrams for that transmission for a lil project im wanting to get going.
    if you want to see the thread so far you can go here http://fullsizebronco.com/forum/showthread.php?t=183716 and see what im trying to
    any help is much appreciated
    Northernguy ·
    Always a great help to the community!Thank You!
    Thanks for the reply on my gauge problem.I will rip my dash apart and try to find that voltage regulator!
    Mike310 ·
    Hey miesk5! We talked about your extensive knowledge this eve at the full size meetup I hosted in LA, thanks again for all your help and knowledge! You're the man!
    whiskeydog ·
    Miesk! Hey man, you helped me work through some issues with the bronc last year and I really appreciate it. I have an ac problem posted in the 80-96 tech area, and another member has offered a few suggestions, but when I saw you here I figured I would just send you a message and see if you had any ideas since you seem to know everything there is to know about these trucks. It is titled 1995 xlt ac problem. If you have any ideas, I'd sure appreciate it as its getting really hot here quick and I don't want my daugheter showing up to daycare drenched in sweat. Thanks in advance man!
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