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  • quinault ·
    Ranger, Activity and names on the board have changed!! Guess that is the way.

    Are you still a Al's liner dealer?? I bought another Bronco, rust free 79!! Its disassembled and missing allot. I would like to purchase a few more gallons if you are.

    miesk5 ·
    ¡ǝʞɐɔ ǝɥʇ uo sqᴉp
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    '6ᄅㄣɹǝƃuɐɹ o⅄

    skibber ·
    Hello Ranger429, I hear you are the CB Guru! I picked up a NOS system for my '79 Bronco and I'm trying to connect the harness in the dash but can't find the 4 pin connector (C530)? appears to have been cut off at some time. Truck has aftermarket AM/FM radio.
    S00TLYFE ·
    hey man was curious how long it normally takes for classifieds to unlock once you hit 75 post count been itching to browse it for awhile now haha.
    Bad Droid ·
    Hi Ranger, wondering if you can help me out. Im all done with my 429 build, but missing all the brackets and pullets etc. I know you are into BB Fords, thought I'd take a shot in the dark to see if you had any of this stuff.
    I have $$$ or trading goodies. I think we have wheeled and dealed b4.
    dragon79 ·
    Hi Ranger! Nice rig. What size are your tires and wheels? Back spacing? Lift?
    I just found a barn find with 73k mile one owner...love it...and it's the same color as yours.
    InfoFord ·
    would it not been easier to remove the threads neither one of them were valid since they were brought light?
    Ssrkid86 ·
    I am considering starting a small business selling performance parts out of my home. I am set up as a distributer with a performance parts warehouse and wondering how I'd go about selling parts to my fellow Ford fans.
    Am I allowed to post them individually in the for sale section?
    quinault ·
    You still a Al's distributor??? Not sure if you remember but I bought a couple gallons of Al's from you a few years ago. I have another project I would like to use Al's on. What's the current cost?? I need enough to do a 6.5' standard truck box, I think 2 gallons?? and a scuff brush, if you think they are worth it??

    Thanks Mike
    pretorian ·
    hey 429, I just noticed that you are also a mod on blue oval and was curious if I screwed up my registration. I can log in but can't post and never received a confirmation email. I wouldn't mind getting on their since there is a guy parting a bronco near me and I would really like to grab some stuff (just can't contact him lol). Thanks in advance if you can help
    HitechRedneck ·
    Sorry. Just seems ridiculous to make you post 30 times before you can ask a question. Sorry I don't have much knowledge to pass on to others, I barely know anything about cars. I couldn't find an answer to my problem after days of looking through old posts. Won't happen again. I didn't realize I could post in noobie section without having to reach 30.
    Fox005 ·
    Hey I upgraded my membership and then read about a jbg discount or something? Could you clarify ? Searching forums on a phone and not finding out . I'm ordering brake lines and weatherstrip kit and and you know how it goes . Thanks for your time
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