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  • Sdc77 ·
    Ahoj Remco,
    How you doing ?
    I would like to read more about your Bronco construction.
    Is there a dedicated thread ?


    remco ·
    Hi yes this one is build. It is my friends work....This year i want to going expedition via Europe. From my country to Norway. My finish point will be northest point of europe...Nordkapp:)
    But I have to do conversation to gas (LPG) system because the price of gassoline here in eUROPE:(

    1 liter of gassoline Natural95 cost here 1,6 eur,-
    1 liter of LPG gas cost 0,7 eur,-

    sooo...an what kind of expedition do you want to go? What about the total km/miles takes it? What do you want to do whit your car before you start?

    Our expedition to nordkapp will be aprox. 7500 km long. And i have in my to do list this stuffs:

    - need to buy new suspension ( 4" lift kit)
    - redhead steering box
    - winch (we are going alone without second car....so winch is good idea:)
    - sleeping area inside the truck double layer flooring with inside space
    - second independant heater eberspacher
    - maybe rotate captain front seats:)
    Smok3y ·
    Hey bud,
    I wanted to ask, where did you get the roof rack from (or did you build it?) and did the ladder come with it? My next project will be a cross country expedition bronco (going to explore a lot of the country side)

    That roof rack looks great. Just figured I'd let you know and inquire because I think I could really put one to good use.
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