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  • miesk5 ·
    Yo rept,
    Something to remember on your birthday; forget the past, it can’t be changed; and, forget the present because I didn’t get you one.
    northern1 ·
    hi i was reading one of your post and it sounds like maybe you have the answer im looking for i bought a 90 bronco 5.8 e4od it sat for a long time 7 years ive replaced nearly everything fuel and spark related except injectors but those will be getting done this week , now my question is my bronco wont start under its one power u need to spray starting fluid to make it run now when running wont go past 2500 rpms under load, i have reverse, first and either 3rd or forth and the od light dont work when motor warm it starts up right away but same problems
    kdsfighter1986 ·
    yeah that is the one i seen it on a old post i cant find them for our year only the newer ones. do you know if it was for the newer front ends like the 92-96 or was it from the 87-91
    reptillikus ·
    If youre talking about my old chrome one, i bought it way back in '00-01 from a local truck shop. My current tube bumper is home made.
    kdsfighter1986 ·
    hi i was just wondering where you got your push bar i cant find one to save my life i have a 1990 only ones i see are for 92 and up
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