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  • milan65 ·
    Hi Rick,
    I voted for you on this FOTM. I'm converting my 95 to 4BT as well. Looking at your walk around video - I have one question - why do you have the timing sensor on harmonic balancer? Where do you connect the wires from the sensor? Thx
    itwasFREE!!!! ·
    go to southwest forum AZ Faction to view details about MnG in Tucson, as I post them there as well for those who are not on FB. Don't forget to vote for FOTY and also ToP 4x4 site.
    itwasFREE!!!! ·
    lol, hang with me we will get you some more Ragnar1488, White Dragon, just to name a few are my friends and are also in Tucson shoot them a friend request as well.
    Motor275 ·
    Hey brother, I would love to get a Bronco EB edition and have the 4bt conversion done. Can you do the conversion itself ?
    robokobokop ·
    Hey there,
    love your bronc man. I am wanting to do damn near the same thing to my 94 Eddie Bauer but I thought I'd send you a message to see if I can bounce a few questions off of ya, seeing as you've already done it up right. Thanks and I hope to hear back from ya.
    DrewScholl ·

    I'm looking to do a 4bt swap in my 94 Eddie Bauer. I'm going to start buying parts soon. Any chance you can send me a list of the parts you used, and any good sources you used for finding them? Thanks!

    Drew Scholl
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