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  • Blue1551 ·
    I get my Bronco back next Friday. When does your weekend racing end, I need to someone to help me give this thing a workout. I have a trail I would like to check out off of the control road FR64.
    Blue1551 ·
    I also live in Arizona, Young (not Young Town). When you say you live in northern Arizona would that be Kingman, Flagstaff or other.
    Rodan ·

    There are some pics in my build threads for the bumpers:



    Also posted some pics in the 'pic of your Bronco' thread, but that's kind of a PITA to find anything...

    Here's a couple more:
    TJSmoot ·
    From your avatar it looks like you have done what I am thinking about doing to my 95 EB with the black bumpers and wheels. Do you have any photos posted of it online? I'd love to see it bigger than your avatar size! I haven't found many photos online with black wheels and bumpers on our color scheme.
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