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  • Quader1 ·
    I temperately turned Dragons comments on ... can you see the view conversation now ? let me know as I will turn it back off ... lol
    miesk5 ·
    Yo Scott,
    You know, I would be a whole lot more excited about you turning one year older if I was in your will. Happy Birthday!
    White Dragon ·
    Happy Birthday Scott,

    There is still Plenty of time before you have add "Fiber" to your diet... :histerica

    miesk5 ·
    Yo Scott,
    The secret to staying young is to eat slowly, live honestly, and lie about your age.
    johnnyjack1 ·
    Hi, did you do a write up on broken bolts? If so, can you tell me where it is?
    I broke 2 on the thermostat cover on a 4.9.
    KH1473 ·
    I recently picked up a GT40 upper/lower out of a 96 explorer, got it for nothing from a friend. I'm going to get a set of heads next week as well. Is this a mod I can take advantage of in my 93 or should I just sell it? Not sure if it makes a difference that mine's a SD setup. That's why I'm picking your brain once again :)
    Jmpierson996 ·
    as a side note i have no idea how many miles are on it and it came out of a 95 bronco that has been sitting for a while.... i got it used
    Jmpierson996 ·
    hey man i just got a reman e40d that i was thinking about putting into my truck and needed some advice about weather or not i should rebuild it or not
    Jmpierson996 ·
    By the way are you going to broncorama this year... I'm planning on going and towing that 78 bronco down there I was telling you about so I can sell it because I can't post it here because of the stupid thing saying I have to have 75 posts before I can view the classifieds
    Jmpierson996 ·
    I have been to the shop and had codes pulled and they said I'm going to have to replace my distributor but nothing about the trans
    zwbcnbronco ·
    I saw your post on the following thread.


    If the transfercase has failed, the output shaft of the trans will still spin. Thus, the transfercase will not keep it from spinning. This will cause a grinding noise while placing into park.

    My transfer case is making the large grinding sound when shifting from P to R to N to D. The truck still drives, just has a clicking sound when driving and the large grinding sound when shifting. Will the rebuild below fix my problem or should I replace the whole transfer case?

    Jmpierson996 ·
    Hey man I finally got mine on the road as a daily driver. But I was wondering if you know of someone around here that is trustworthy when it comes to trans work. Mine is still shifting hard from 1st to 2nd and it does not shift into over driver until 45 on the dot
    Wayno ·
    I got Trans. Straighted out for about 4,000 miles and now it's starting to slip when there is moisture(Rain,Morning Dew,Ect.)but when it's dry fine by running jumper wires through ABS module I guess since my warranty is until Febuary I'm going to take it in(Certified Jasper installer&not the shop who put it in&could not figure out the bypassing ABS module like I did)That shop told me my rear end was fine(I should've never listed to them)well it wasent the rear end was dry&i here was metal shaving all over plug.I filled it(1 quart)and it is still whining but I did not pull differential cover.Do you have any suggestions because I seen in one of your post you rebuilt your.Thanks
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