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  • miesk5 ·
    Yo Mark,

    Happy Birthday!!!
    wileec ·

    Long time no see. I know you have scaled back the wheeling, I have also but more due to time issues. I wanted to put out there that if you ever plan on selling I would like to be considered as a place to start. Know that I could keep it in the style it has become accustomed.

    Just saying.

    BSS ·
    Hello. What are the specs on the cap head bolts you used on your coil spring buckets? Thanks.
    escarabajo7 ·
    Hi, I read many post from you and maybe you can help me. My English is no than good, sorry. Recently I buy a Bronco 1989 302 engine automatic. The last owner change the transfer from electric to manual (completed and function). Ok , the bronco in highway run normal, but when I try to Climb or up the mountain to my house, the bronco no acellerrate sufficient to obtain the power and loss everything, when I put the 4low the power return, but when I Use 2high or 4high the bronco no run in the hill, is stay in 1,500 revolution in the motor and stay in the same place. Maybe I need to combined some harness for the speed sensor when he changed the transfer from electric to manual? Or maybe I other reason... Please help me... I want to fill the power for a Bronco 302.... Thank you in advanced. Noel
    coalminerwillis ·
    Hey... I was searching around some older posts and seen the White Bronco you have/had that has the black soft top. I am looking for a top like this for my bronco. could you please give me any info on who has or makes these. Thanks for your time.
    Peacemaker1994 ·
    Hey bud have 37" tires on your rig. i want the same but without a body lift. with my setup could i do so without? i dunno if you do or not i just cant stand the look of the BL.
    LukeNukem ·
    Did you have Oregon plates on that beach photo? I grew up in Coos Bay area and know the beaches up there well.
    Shadofax ·
    Everyone, if you want to contact me, please send me a Private Message via the forum. Don't leave a question here, I look at this area maybe once a year, and I do NOT receive an email that you have posted here. Thanks.
    Coltford5 ·
    awesome truck man! Ive been workin on an SAS for my 93 F150 and ive used your rig for a few ideas. I was wonderin what parts you used for your rear disk brake swap though?
    Giddy-Up ·
    i saw your 1356 t-case rebuild and i was wondering what diameter and length rod you added to the locator arm and if you just welded it thanks
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