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  • Shaker666 ·
    I ended up sourcing a locally built core in Tucson, AZ. I believe there is a local business that builds them for various industrial applications, but I couldn't tell you the name of the business since I had a friend find it for me. I wouldn't be too concerned with an aluminum core as long as you were 100% sure that you don't have excessive voltage in your coolant, which will cause rapid deterioration from galvanic corrosion. An easy way to remedy this is to use a sacrificial anode, such as the ones sold by Flexalite made of zinc.
    new78bronco ·
    Shaker666 -

    What brand heater core did you use in your 79 Bronco? Where did you buy it?

    I bought a replacement but it feels so light I am almost certain it is very cheaply made. I didn't put it in. I left the stock in for now. I would like to find a quality replacement heater core.

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