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  • WeedWhackerDood ·
    Well, it has not been reliably road ready until ALMOST now. Give me a call, 678.773.7548, Scott Vincent.

    I don't get here so often, but an available via phone more so.

    I have the wiper motor out now, trying to figure out why i only have high speed, no intermittent and no slow.

    Have new switch installed, bought another motor, used albeit, but same issue, no slow speed. Trying to figure out how to not spend ~$75 on rebuilt Advance or AutoZone wiper motor, to see if the issue is something other than the motor or new Advance Auto Parts intermittent switch.

    Looking for a relay that may have died or other issue. If you have suggestions, please let me know, i want to get the dash back together and drive.

    WeedWhackerDood ·
    Alex, looking at the Dixie Map, looks like you are not too far from me, i am at Acworth Due West and Stilesboro, are you still near Harrison High School?
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