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    I love your Bronco! Tastefully done throughout. Would you ever sell it (not that I could afford it). If so, for how much?

    DWNHLLR's been a great ride for me ever since I bought it new in '95. But it took some big hits back when it was worth a considerable amount and it wasn't totaled. So anyway, despite my love and caring, the body's falling apart and the engine's finally getting tired (with 280,000 miles).

    So currently my plan is to wait and see what the new Bronco is like. If the top comes off, I'll probably be one of the first owners. But if not, I'll probably buy another Bronco from a dry climate in a generally clean condition and fix it up. And since imitation is the greatest form of flattery, let me tell you I'd imitate what you've done. I love the headlights, bumpers, pretty much everything. Whatever contacts you could share would be appreciated!

    I look forward to hearing back from you.

    Mike McBride, Salt Lake City
    BikerPepe` ·
    I would say... what he said VVVV below but I'm not sure what he said. :toothless

    hope you have a happy birthday man. :beer :bday :beer
    eaglesoaring ·
    I have one piston that something got into it at some time there are scratches and marks on the top of the piston and a small piece missing from around the edge as well
    Rjsanders81 ·
    Hey silent did you do anything to beef up your axles or suspension to handle the 37's. Contemplating a 1ton sas rather then risk breaking things with 37s on the stock ttb and 8.8. Have you had any issues with your setup as far as reliability or are you ever planning on doing a sas?
    Rjsanders81 ·
    Hey man love your setup, i'am also wanting to switch to 37's with 6" lift shortly. How do you like the 4:56 set up? I have stock gears now with my 35's and only want to re gear once, would 4:56 be a nice choice when running 35's or 37's? My 351 is a DD also. You still have your stock axles as well?
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