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  • keduhanh0t ·
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    Cobra07 ·
    Hello Travis,

    Hope all is great man. I'd like to have a chat with you about your engine rebuild. It's almost time for a rebuilt of mine and i'm trying to figure out a game plan. Let me know if your cool to get on a call when you have time. My cell is 587 998-2238, shoot me a text.
    Weber ·
    Hey Bud, guess I should check my inbox more often...
    You still in the area on occasion?
    Hit me up, 541.510.7098
    bmw2 ·
    What did you have in mind? You can call or text me if you want. I'm off at 7:00 but can text at work.

    Mike 360 920 6829
    yogib ·
    No I dont know them. I know where there at though. There right in town almost directly across from troys diesel. Troy has the Vest racing TT truck. If you can weld and fab my friend Kevin can sell you a prebent full cage. you just have to cut,notch,and weld it.If you go on facebook check out vest racing and Like there page.
    Weber ·
    Hey Buddy,
    I've been over here since January and have been to busy with work to get ahold of them... I plan to once I get the tranny finished up, it's still having some slippage issues I need to address, other than adding a track bar she's wheelable, I saw the event but am usually out of town on the weekends,
    Hope all is great with you
    yogib ·
    Kennys machine in Molalla is doing the work. He can be a little slow but does good work. He,s decking my block tomm. and will be boring it soon after that.he has to install all the rotating assembly and check for clearance in the block and make sure the rods dont touch the cam.This is the largest stroker kit you can do in a stock 351w roller block at 427ci.
    TravisITGuy ·
    the grill i got off of Ebay, its one of those $50-75 cheapies. the bumper i had made by a local builder in Bend,OR. Here is a link to more pics

    94fordbroncoman ·
    hey im liking your grill set up and light bar. im in the market for one but dont know what to consider. could you post some pics of yours by chance? thanks man awesome truck.
    TravisITGuy ·
    because copper runs the best, so why pay for a more expensive plug. also i only drive my bronco may 3-5k miles a year so the copper plugs dont wear out nearly as fast as if they are on a Daily driver.
    Crazed ·
    Mine had a port at the rear and a port in the middle underneath, I ended up using the port in the middle underneath for pcv
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