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  • BikerPepe` ·
    hey van1987. I checked your permissions and I can see no obvious reason you shouldn't be able to make a thread in the Noobie Post area or post in other, existing threads.
    I tried to make a small change to your profile, totally inconsequential but hoping that maybe it might kick your profile back into shape. The forum has changed a lot since you last registered and posted here... so maybe that was it. give it a try and get back to me.

    There is a 30 post limit to start your own thread in the "Tech" areas. There is a 75 post limit to access the For Sale areas.
    There is a small sub-forum for the paid members. Everything else should be open and available to anyone registered and logged into the site, as you obviously are.

    if that doesn't do it... I'll have to refer you to the tech support guys from AutoGuide to troubleshoot the problem with you.

    FSB Staff
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