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  1. Some Great new Bronco Renderings

    Discuss the 2020 Bronco Here
    Those most recent ones have potential. They come the closest yet to pull off the look of the early broncos. A nice mix between new and classic.
  2. Prayers/positive thoughts needed

    Anything Else
    Great news! We expected to still have to stay in the hospital for 7-10 days after surgery, but he was discharged in less than a week. We all came home on New Year's Day, and what a way to start the year. My wife will be taking him in tomorrow to have the stitches removed.
  3. Prayers/positive thoughts needed

    Anything Else
    Finally had a chance to fire up the laptop. Oliver is doing great, he's recovering like a rockstar. About all that's keeping us in the hospital at the moment is concern over his feeding. He's ticked off all of the other boxes already and spent less than 48 hours in the PICU. They even removed...
  4. Prayers/positive thoughts needed

    Anything Else
    My 2 month old son is scheduled to have open heart surgery tomorrow in order to repair his heart defect. Any prayers or positive thoughts are appreciated.
  5. Bronco Vs. Bucket list

    Anything Else
    You know, I always wanted a blue and white one, but that one is calling my name, lol.
  6. Bronco Vs. Bucket list

    Anything Else
    Still the same one, eventually get a bronco.
  7. Broncos in the movies.

    Anything Else
    No screenshots, but I've been re-watching Supernatural and in the first few seasons so far I've noticed several FSBs.
  8. Ford reveals Bronco R race prototype for the Baja 1000

    Discuss the 2020 Bronco Here
    I'm liking what I've seen so far.
  9. What specs/features do you want to see from the 2020 Bronco?

    Discuss the 2020 Bronco Here
    Looks like instead of a tailgate, the Bronco is getting a swinggate? Is that like what the wranglers have?
  10. If the new Bronco looked like this....not bad

    Discuss the 2020 Bronco Here
    Where was that spotted at?
  11. Removable Doors

    Discuss the 2020 Bronco Here
    Agreed. I could definitely see myself driving that.
  12. Best way to get ur S.O to run BS errands

    Anything Else
    I always liked "Happy spouse, happy house"
  13. '78 flag headliner ideas/tips

    Noobie Bronco Tech Questions. Flame free zone!
    I found the following video awhile back that seems to be a good idea. Basically, she sprayed adhesive on the backer first and let it dry. Then she laid the flag on it and ironed it, which re-heated the adhesive and let it bond fairly nicely.
  14. Here it is first 'view' of the 2020 Bronco

    General Discussion/ Bronco and Wheeling related.
    It would definitely put it on my radar. What 2 drivetrains?
  15. Fumoto Oil Drain Valve

    Anything Else
    I had never even considered that as a possibility. That would actually let me change the oil on my wife's car. Freaking tight spaces and stupidly angled oil filters. :banghead
  16. Back Yard Chef: BBQ, smokers and more.

    Anything Else
    Now that it's finally starting to cool off some more (I hope), BBQ weather is heating up. I used to do everything just on my Old Smokey, but I finally got a pit last year. Still working out the kinks on the temperature control, it doesn't like to stay at the 250° point unless the fire is...
  17. The Ford Baby Bronco spotted testing off-road

    Discuss the 2020 Bronco Here
    Where the heck did that one come from?
  18. Someone hit my wife's car while it was parked.

    Anything Else
    Sounds like something that happened with me back in college. I saw it happen and took down the plate info and the other guy left a note. I left a note with the plate number, saying just in case the guy left false info. I was still in the area and that guy came back, saw my note, and ripped it...
  19. Almost Had to Kill my Neighbor Today

    Anything Else
    Do you know any in Brazoria County (near Houston area)? My wife used to be involved in a German Shepherd rescue when she lived in Modesto, CA. I know that she would love to find one here, just not right away. Ours developed a really aggressive oral cancer and we had to put her down, so it's...
  20. Hong Kong

    News, Politics and Special Interest
    Well, that's one solution to global warming. Nuclear winter will put a stop to that.
1-20 of 161 Results