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I got kinda sick of looking at 5 different colors on my old girl while I’m slowly restoring her. I went ahead and knocked out a DIY paint job in my buddy’s drive way and aside from a few areas we need to touch up I think it turned out great!
1993 XLT 5.8L 351W 33"s 6in drop bracket
Project in decent shape for 28 years and a 17 year old driving it before I got it!!
Business is good
$500 was sittin for 2-3 years n was pretty rough, what you see is what I've accomplished so far stay tuned!
This is the one I’m using for the body shell it’s very low mileage ( 55,000 original miles) from San Diego. Salvage title, the front has been written off, frame is bent , but the body is completely rust free I’m also using the entire engine drive train and suspension from the white one because...
Two 1979 Broncos that I’m making into one good one.
Clean , factory upgrades , 351M Holley Sniper EFI with hyperspark coil,ignition and distributer, a lot of new stuff
$500 was sittin for 2-3 years n was pretty rough, what you see is what I've accomplished so far stay tuned!
Bronco King Ranch
Just bought my first Bronco. Previously owned by Dickie Betts of the Allman Brothers. 1994 Ford Bronco XLT runs good. Not sure where to begin this project but open to hearing opinions. Goal is to drive it and improve as I go.
My dogs love
1994 EB 5.8 manual T case
My pretty much stock 1993 bronco, owned it for 6 months, love it
1995 Choo Choo Custom all original except the wheels
1990 Bronco Mega mudder makeover
Body paint redone 460 auto runs drives stops this is a project bronco with plenty of undercarriage rust from iowa will be sold with stock steel wheels and 235 tires 6000
First time owning a bronco, loving it so far. The kids named him, Big Hero 6 reference. I am satisfied with my care ?
I bought a great chrome brush guard for cheap
1994 Ford Bronco XLT 5.0, E4OD, 248k miles 4” lift w/ extended radius arms Bilstein 5100s SuperRunner steering conversion kit Redhead steering box SoloMotorsports billet door handles, Midland 75-822 CB with 3’ firestick Punisher Valvebody Method 17x9s, Cooper ATP3 285/75/17 Corbeau Moab seats...