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Bronco XLT
Pawnee Tan
XLT so power everything, etc
Fixed stuck rear window. Replaced rear carpet. Replace engine. Upgraded transmission with better shift kit. Rebuilt transfer case. Rebuilt from axle with new u-joints, ball joints, wheel bearings and rotors. Replaced tie-rods, connecting rods, power steering gear box. So much stuff under the hood I've replaced because every time you touch something on this truck, it breaks. It's 29 years old and spent the five years prior to me buying it sitting out in a field. Bought stock wheels from another bronco owner who was upgrading. I needed the stock because I couldn't pass smog with the big tires bouncing all over while the tech was trying to run the treadmill thing. I bought it for $500 and I'm well into the thousands repairing and replacing everything. Engine alone was $1900 because I wanted a good quality re-manufactured one with long warranty. This one has 100k mile warranty which was the best I could find. Switched from auto locking hubs to the premium Warn manual locking.
1990 Ford Bronco XLT (Pawnee Tan)


351W refurbished in 2017.
Replaced the rear carpet due to wear. While I was there I did the cutout for the fuel pump access. Covered back with Dynamat before laying down the new carpet and padding I custom made using the old carpet as a template.
I can't stand the color but cost is a factor. I've been looking at Plasticoating it. I've got black so far and my plan was to paint it all black with either the shell in grey or back/grey two-tone like it currently is.
New shocks all around. There's no lift on this truck but with 31" or 33" tires is plenty high for me. I have to use a step stool just to work inside the engine compartment and even that I get bruises on my chest leaning on top of the sides trying to work.
Wheel and Tire
Right now I have to stock wheels and tires on so I can pass smog. With the big 33" tires they can't keep it on the tracks bouncing all around so it fails.


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