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Eddie Bauer
originally from CA. bought it on ebay from a guy in NV had 120K original miles. had some body damaged (nothing major) little rust, ripped up seats and missing radio. as soon as i got it, took it to ford for the once over. $2K later radiator flush, ball joints, brake/ac/speed switches/plugs replaced.
2016 Ford Bronco (White/Tan)


nothing just routine maintenance. will do tune up and replace fuel filter in sept/oct.
two days later had to replace entire coolant system. i guess they only use water in CA since it sat for ever it rusted out the entire cooling system. took apart the tailgate, flushed out all the dirt/dust replaced the motor for the windshield, sanded down and painted all rusted parts. Gutted the entire inside of the truck from the dashboard to the tailgate. the entire truck was covered from front to back w/ dust/dirt from sitting in the desert for so long. (i will upload pics as soon as i get time. pressured washed the interior, the carpet (i also steamed the carpet two additional times once it was re-installed. i then sprayed lizard skin on the interior and inside the door, sand blasted sprayed lizard skin on frame in wheel well. next year i will finish sandblasting the frame and lizard skinning.
full replacement of back brakes (wheel cylinder leaking). just replaced the front pads (dont know how to do auto lockout hubs). shocks all around new headlights and led lights for the rear brake/reverse and front turn signal (having trouble figure out why they are not blinking). i am also trying to straighten out the tire carrier. this was bent in some sort of accident. for the actual body nothing yet, trying to find someone that will do the little body work needed and paint. would like to keep it original eddie bauer paint job. expecting around 4-5K for this but after what i put into the interior its going to have to wait a while.
since it was missing a radio and there was dust all behind the molding i replaced the back speakers w/ new kenwood speakers and a new kenwood radio.
i would like to add interior lights in the back and possibly a heater to keep the dogs warm on those cold hunting trips..
standard gabriel shocks 450.00 worth
Wheel and Tire
nothing yet will get new tires before winter.. would like to go w/ 17" rims but money was spent in much needed projects.


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