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Eddie Bauer
Big Mike was named after his original owner: my Grandad, who's name was Michael. I'm not exactly sure what his history is, but He ended up sitting in my Grandad's driveway for upwards of 5 or 10 years. After my Grandad passed in 2010, my dad made it a point to get Big Mike running in my Grandad's honor.

He did everything that was needed in order to get the car moving under its own power again: replacing suspension parts, the gas tank, fluids, and even the tailgate, which had a huge dent preventing the window from rolling down after my Grandad backed into his mailbox years ago. My dad took the honor of driving Big Mike for a while, taking him out on long commutes to work, and driving around town until Big Mike told him that he wasn't able to make those commutes every day.

Then my older brother got him for a while. He didn't own the car, but my parents let him drive Him when he needed to. My brother knows jack shit about cars, and car maintenance, so I believe my brother neglected Big Mike, except for when the water temperature gauge gave out. To this day that gauge is still giving out false readings. If anyone knows where I can find an OEM replacement, shoot me a message.

Then my brother was gifted a newer car from my great grandma, which caused Big Mike to sit for a little while longer until I got my license. After that, He was all mine even before the title was transferred. Since then He's been my project car, and I've made it my goal to restore Him to his former glory, and maybe make some performance modifications to put Him in his rightful place.
1995 Ford Bronco (Ivory)


Replaced the original stereo and speakers.
Wheel and Tire
We had a problem with the automatic locking front hubs, so those were replaced with manual locking hubs.



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