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Blue & Tan
Purchased in 2013 with 152k miles in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma of all places. Seriously, who knew there was an Amtrak stop there? Made getting it home to Dallas all on my own easy though. Garaged for the last 2 years but is now my daily driver as of February 2017. Currently in the beginning stages of reclamation / rebuild project planning.

Passed the Dallas Inspection, including emissions, on the first attempt so small victories right?

First priority (other than mechanical issues that I will deal with as they arise) will be livability. The seat covers are in terrible shape, factory of course, and I don't want to sink a lot of money into them right now since my end goal will probably result in fully replacing the interior. Looking at Carking covers as a short term (i.e. for the next 2 years) solution.
1996 Ford Bronco (Blue & Tan)


02-2017 Stock (but I'm still working through defining what my "stock" really is though). So far have had to have the factory installed A/C system overhauled when the compressor shredded itself (153k miles, 20 years old). Water pump replaced in 2016 due to a leak. In the process of the repair, the mechanic I had working on it ran into a very stubborn mounting bolt on the steering pump / ac bracket. Decided on minor surgery instead of taking a chance that the bolt would break off creating even more headaches. We ended up just cutting the lower left end of the steering pump bracket that slides onto the locating stud sticking out of the upper right water pump.
02-2017 Interior is mostly as it came from the dealer and worn out. Previous owner(s) did something to the sound system, crappy replacement head unit and speaker wires, both in bad shape.

The drivers side seat belt latch would randomly let go for whatever reason. I think it had some issue with a worn out spring, but rather than figure out what it was...I bought a pair replacements off of Ebay.
02-2017 None Minor collision damage on the Drivers side front quarter panel, door, and rear quarter panel just past the drivers side door. Standard tire rack dent in the lower rear passenger side quarter panel. Minor paint blemishes and dents overall.

Tailgate is perfect for a reclamation project, no rust and mechanically functional (standard issues with the switch on the dash not working but oh well, not like I wasn't going to replace all that anyway). I did replace all the rubber seals as a precaution since there is a definite hint of mildew fragrance in the carpet.
02-2017 What entertainment, you mean I'm not enough?
02-2017 Stock
Wheel and Tire
02-2017 Stock tires and factory rims



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