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Full Size Bronco XLT 4WD
Red with White
XLT, quad shocks, 5.0L
Sat in PO driveway for 13 years not running with driver window open. Squirrels living in engine bay, mice and spiders in cab. My 16 year old son bought it for $500 off of CraigsList and towed it home with friend for me to work on (for him). PO destroyed the vacuum lines & other engine bay systems plus 22 gallons of varnish in tank. Interior completely waisted. Rocks (yes, rocks) in oil pan, sand & dirt on valve springs looked like stucco. We removed everything inside and out except some wiring harness through the firewall. No body cancer, only cracks at top of B pillar & did the FSB repair. Also floor pans under front seats were both badly cracked from heavy use and we located NOS Ford floor pan patch panels and welded them in.
Rear canopy had no bolts, screws or trim holding it in place on body, but a little aged dirt and rotted gaskets were holding it on. White fiberglass top was stained black from weather & neglect but we able to restore it to original appearance with elbow grease and 303 Aerospace Protectant. Original paint was badly oxidized but we restored it with a little 3000 wet sanding, Meguiars Ultimate compound, polish and wax.
The "renovation" took 20 months (still working on small items), with a lot of that time researching and reading posts on FSB and a few other Ford truck forums trying to figure out how to work on our Bronco. Plus a lot of time at local junkyards, luckily finding most of the important parts we needed from other junked Broncos and similar F-Series trucks.
1989 Ford Bronco (Red with White)


Completely rebuilt 302 with Edelbrock polished Upper & Lower intake, BBK 61mm Throttle Body, JBA headers w/MagnaFlow exhaust & added two new O2 Sensors near top of y-pipe. Old O2 sensor location used for Fuel/Air readings. Recently added new computer for sequential injection, new 30# injectors, new injection harness, new adjustable fuel pressure regulator, Pro-M MAF sensor in new air intake line. MSD Distributor, Coil and 6A igniter. Upgraded headlight harness to incorporate 2 relays.
Every transmission clutch was badly burned from PO and Xfer case didn't move so all was rebuilt.

Complete rebuilds include: 302 engine, AOD trans, 1356 BW Xfer case, 3.55 rear end, Dana 44 front, all bearings, Spicer U-joints, drive shafts balanced, body bushings, wheel hubs, calipers, rotors, lines, 190L/hr fuel pump & inline filter

Added Saginaw PS pump to power new steering box with hydro-boost braking. Upgraded to RedHead steering box to push the 33" tires.
Interior completely stripped and cleaned out. Rear seat brackets were destroyed from water damage coming in through rear pan seam where seam sealer was gone. We removed dash and completely cleaned & rebuilt. Instrument cluster gauges cleaned & needles painted. Welded in new front seat floor pan patches. Window regulators, motors and actuators rebuilt in doors and tailgate. Tailgate harness was cut up, sourced "new" from a junkyard Bronco. Only original seat was passenger seat and "race" bucket driver seat - both junk! Rear side panels, front & rear headliners, window & door lock switches, center console, instrument cluster trim, 1 door panel all luckily sourced from local junkyards.
Lizard Skin Sound Deadener applied inside floor, roof, doors & firewall. Then covered with Lizard Skin Ceramic coating on interior floor, roof & doors. Lizard skin Sound Deadener also sprayed under body (as a sealer and undercoating) covered by Lizard Skin Top Coat to seal it.

Starting on custom center console to contain the amp, a few gauges & switches, cup and phone holders.
PO trashed a lot of removable pieces but body was in good shape except complete paint oxidation, which saved it for us to bring it back to life. Rear hitch, front & rear bumpers were sourced from local junkyards from F Series trucks and some small trim pieces around front windshield, exterior mirror pieces. Transmission cross member kickers from top of frame were missing, skid plate missing and several small under body brackets. Lots of nuts & bolts missing that should have been holding things together.
Alpine Bluetooth head unit w/remote phone, amplifier, 6½" speakers in doors, 6x9's in rear panels, 12" sub in box floating in rear.
Added relays to stock headlight wiring.
JBA shortie headers, ceramic coated. MagnaFlo Y-Pipe & 2 ½" single exhaust pipe with 2 Cats. Added 2 O2 Sensors for new sequential injection system & used original O2 bung in MagnaFlo pipe for Air/Fuel gauge.
No lift. Quad shocks in front. New polyurethane bushings all around. All stock with exception of 1½" taller front coil springs to help 33" tires clear the lower corner of front bumper.
Wheel and Tire
33x12.5x15 BFG T/A KO2 on 15x10 Mickey Thompson Classic III rims.


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