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I have owed 4 Bronco's starting from age 17. I buy one and fix it up how i want it. usually about the time that i'm done, the newest trucks come out and I end up selling it to purchase the newest truck. I end up getting mad at myself because now i have huge payment and not really the truck that i want, so i do it all over again. This time i'm sticking with the one I have. i'm getting too old to keep doing it. I really wanted a 96 but couldn't find one in decent shape. i traveled from norther CA to LA, Oregon and Washington to find one. Everyone telling me that theirs was in great shape, but when i got there, they were a Pile. I finally found this one right down the road from me. It was basically stock and a 93, but i was running out of money trying to find one so i bought it. Within the first 6 months the rear spider gears blew out on me and i had to have them fixed. i figured I was going to go with larger tires, so why not change the gears while i was there. Change the gears and purchased 35's and a small lift. After a while i went in to pick up some rims for it, and the shop talked me into purchasing 37's... So i did. Of course the lift wasn't big enough, so i had to buy a larger lift. I wanted to go as high as i could, but still fit it in my garage. I ended up going with 7 3/4 inches and the top barely hits the garage when i have it on. i have a leveling kit under the front but will soon be replacing with custom cut coils. I spent a long time and a lot of money getting it to drive correctly down the road with all the different lift and suspension parts i wanted on it, but i'm very happy with it now. If it wasn't my DD, i probably could have done it for half the price and time.
1993 Ford Bronco (Black)


Rebuilt 351 with GT40 heads, lightning upper intake, lightning extrude honed lower intake, custom ground cam, Ford Racing 9mm plug wires, MSD ignition, under-drive pulley set, shorty headers and 75mm TB.
3 G alternator.
Electric fan.
K & N Filter.
F350 Brake booster.
Optima Red top battery

Rebuilt E4OD Stage 2 Transmission
Overhead Console
all lights are LED
1996 front bumper, clear lights and soft top.
Flip up display with backup camera and DVD player
2-12" Kicker speakers
2-6x9 Memphis speakers
2-6 1/4 Memphis speakers
7 1/2 inch lift
Deaver front coils
6 Bilstein 5125 shocks
Sky rear shackle flip
Solo Motorsports Cut and Turned front axles
Custom front steering with equal length Dom tubing idler arm, and 1 ton Chevy tie rod ends.
Extended Radius arms
Extended Steal braided brake lines
Red head steering box
TRE flip
Wheel and Tire
37 X 14.5 X 15 Toyo Open Country M/T's on 15 X 10 rims
4:56 Gearing front and rear.
Custom extended Drive-line.



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