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Court Grey/Black
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my 1987 Ford Bronco Custom 4x4 I6 EFI is from Surrey British Columbia Canada, I purchased it in Lethbridge Alberta Canada back in 08 from a wife of a husband going thru a divorce, he no longer lived there and she wanted it gone yesterday, i lived a couple houses down and owned an 82 Nissan/ datsun 4x4 pickup at the time that i had just blew the head gasket on and was in the process of changing when i made a tragic error in asking a room mate for help which in turn "his help" cost me the engine of that datsun that i completely rebuilt an such only to see it all go to waste any ways... the wife essentially wanted $3000ca for it but i only had a $1000 cash and managed to talk her down quickly she took it and the truck was mine since then the tail gate has been replaced as well as the back glass several times , whole front end has been rebuilt with engine replacement due to collision due to icy weather in dec 2011 right after having new Good Year Wrangler Authority tires put on ironically, the 4 speed new process manual transmission i swapped out to to another working one when it would not stay in third gear back same year , recently as of april 2013 i had all new brakes and brake lines/drums/brake hardware done as well and even more recently as of sept 2015 i had to replace the water pump and 30 teeth on the oem fiber timing gear were sheered off so i bought a metal gear set to replace the broken fiber timing gear(who the hell makes gears out of fiber ? ford does and its incredibly stupid lol) and replaced it along with distributor cap , rotor , NGK distributor wire kit , new spark plugs,alternator, battery starter relay, currently the past few winters have not been nice to my poor Bronco so i have been restoring her back to tip top shape as much as i can which has involved much much needed body work shit tons of grinding and welding and hammering, recently my new 300w 52inch curved led light bar came to replace my traditional round roof lights , i have a shit ton of images documenting this Broncos history up coming work will include R/L door replacement , R/L Front Fender replacement, rear R/L wheel arch replacement ,new paint scheme , Snorkel kit install, 4 or 6inch lift kit( have not decided yet ) ,front passenger axle and u joint replacement , windshield/ rear tail gate glass replacement ... more to come soon
1987 Ford Custom (Court Grey/Black)


more to come!
more to come!
images from 2009
first picture here is of the interior a not long after purchase of the bronco in 08. second pic is from 2014 when i ripped out the carpet . 3rd image is well obvious lol from 2015
more to come!
Wheel and Tire
more to come!



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