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Eddie Bauer
Currently with 236K original kilometers, The Bronco is basically Stock except Lights & Tires. Just replaced the Auto Hubs with some WARN Manuals, Painted up the front grill from Stock chrome to a gloss black, added the top Light-bar to the top and front grill and bumper. Just put my full sized spare back on the rear sing-hanger, and re-installed the aluminum side steps after the Bronco was used in a movie "THE SHACK" just released last month... truck has been to the most Northern parts of Canada and back south so many times I lost count... so mostly Highway miles. The hood had a case of paint de-lamination a few years back so I did a paint job on it myself and decided to add the double stripe for sh!ts & giggles... Definitely the only one around with it.
1993 Ford Bronco (Green/Tan)


351 Windsor 5.8 L All factory options included, new motor mounts, new sparks and leads last month. Replaced Alternator and starter summer of 2016,
Tan Leather Seats, Camel tone Interior Carpet, replaced the stereo with a modern unit, and still kept the original cassette Am/FM (working) in storage. Currently have Cloth seat covers on the front bucket seats to protect the leather before I can reupholster them this summer.
Removed all interior carpet from the interior floors and tire wells inside to paint with armor guard from brake pedal to tailgate trap. (awesome stuff!).. then re-installed all carpet and trim.
Lights (headlamps, Cargo & Tail), Light Bars (44", 20", 2x 5"), Swapped out Auto Hubs for WARN hubs. added a Tow Boss under-carriage towing hitch, and added some rear strip LED Brake lighting just between the rear bumper and tailgate bottom.
Hahaha... Holding on for dear life!!
Stock... for the moment... debating with myself on whether to lift 4 inches or not... Replaced all shocks (6) about 2 years back. Some front end suspension repairs done recently, but kept to stock standards.
Wheel and Tire
33's BF Goodrich Mud Terrain T/A, 15" Chrome Rims... Another set of Factory chrome rims with full winter tires in storage. Full sized off road spare on the back.



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