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Bronco EB
black and gold
For once in my life i was the first guy to show up and get the "deal". This truck showed up on CL and a customer alerted me to it. One owner fifty nine thousand mile all original truck that had just been brought up from Fla. Sold my 93 EB that was virtually identical to this one and got it for thirty five hundy. I have always wanted a nice all OEM last series Bronco and now that i found one i dont wanna drive it lol. I',m gonna hafta get over that some how lol. Oh well, for now she sits in the garage and gets driven around the block every so often but it wont be like that forever. While this thing is in incredible shape the Florida sun has taken a tool on the top sides of the paint so the future holds a full cosmetic resto while trying to keep as much OEM as i can. There is not a spec of rust on the body and i believe i can save most of the finish (i own a body shop that specializes in this) i think i am also going to do a full detail on the engine and undercarriage with an eye towards original. Might even gently pull the body in a preservation effort and detail the frame.
1994 Ford Bronco EB (black and gold)


My 93 and my 94 together the day i bought the 94. Hey . . . my girlfriend has been on me to buy a newer truck lol.

Couple shots of the lower body, super clean :D

Ernie Haire Ford Tampa Flori-duh . . . .

Car Faxed it and it checks out as represented by seller.



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