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Ranger XLT
I picked up this California beast from one of my dad's coworkers, who got it off the guy who brought it up to Canada. Originally brown and white two-tone, but someone covered the white metal with orange. I commuted part way to university (mechanical engineering) in this for a couple years before deciding that $60/week was too painful on a student budget. I spent the next several years picking away at my engine/transmission swap in between classes, and finally got it back on the road during my final term. Next I moved to the big city for work, and enjoyed my ride, and the improved mileage. However, the winter of 2017 put me on some black ice around an uphill corner and landed my beloved Bronco on its side. The rear top was obliterated, and all glass except the windshield and passenger window was shattered. Fortunately my girlfriend and I walked away unscathed. The tow truck driver righted my Bronco and after a day at the local emergency center, we slowly drove it back to my parent's place. For the next two years, I picked away at body repairs, and reskinned the roof to eliminate an aftermarket sunroof that had been hacked in by a previous owner. Truck was repainted earlier this year, Tangerine. Feels great to have it back on the road!
1978 Ford Bronco (Orange)


The fuel-injected 4.9L sits as low as possible on mounts for a carbureted 300, atop custom steel perches. Swapped to 130A 3G alternator. ZF S5-42 with concentric slave is controlled by a hydraulic master from a 1994 F-150, and sits on a custom cross member with drop-out center section for ease of maintenance. A BW 1345 accommodates the original cable-driven speedometer until I can set up a proper speed sensor for the PSOM unit. Front output is 32 spline, and feeds a CV driveshaft (originally the rear shaft, shortened) to the front Dana 44. Rear output is 31 spline and feeds a shortened non-CV driveshaft from the front of a 1994 F-150 down to the stock 9 inch rear axle. Pumpkin gears are 3.50 for now. Radiator is from an F-250 camper special.

Originally equipped with a 351M, C6, and NP 205. Planning to reinstall the NP 205 one day, with a Blackbox-i underdrive from Northwest Fab.
Freshly carpeted. Gusseted firewall reinforcement made from 0.125 inch steel minimizes flex under clutching and braking, and includes a hard stop for the clutch pedal. Column-mounted tachometer is fastened to a machined aluminum sleeve for stability and cleanliness. Instrument panel has custom gauge faces to look stock, but holds 90's gauges and extra indicators for lights, cruise, etc. Front and rear bench seats.
Custom 2in body lift provide clearance above the big ZF transmission without cutting up the floor. Stock bumpers modified to sit at the right height. Custom off-road bumpers currently under construction; adjustable, low-profile design, primarily 0.25 inch steel, with in-set lights. Shackle tabs run through the exterior face the mounting bracket. Front will accommodate a Warn 8274 that I am rebuilding.

I had added clearance markers added to cab, but have since re-skinned the roof. Would like markers up there again, but concerned about water ingress.
Cheap but effective JVC head unit, and a pair of 4.5" JL Audio speakers in the doors.

Stowed away I have a pair of 6 inch JL Audio speakers, TMA 4 channel amp, Infinity mono amp, pair of 10 in subs, and some other speakers. This stuff is low priority, so we'll see how much I end up installing.
Stock. Quad shock front end upgrade in progress...
Wheel and Tire
32 inch Falken Wildpeak AT3W on 15 in steel rims.



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