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I lucked out on this one. I had just bought my 94 and was looking for another driver because the other truck was such a low mile survivor. This truck came across a dealership auction and one of my good customers happened to be there buying cars for his lot, saw this thing knew I'd want it and snapped it up for fifteen hundred. When i looked at it it was non running but i could tell someone had spent some good coin on it. You could tell the engine had been out very recently and had been gone through. Got it back to my shop messed around with it for a day and got it fired up but it had no oil pressure and had a distinct upper end tick (lifters were collapsing) Pulled motor and to my surprise just the gasket was displaced on the oil pump pick up tube and also to my delight it was pretty much all new inside. Fresh slugs, bearings, Comp Cams roller, GT40 heads , new oil pan, Hooker headers, . etc . . . the works. My guess is someone put a bunch of time into rebuilding this thing and got frustrated with the few minor probs and sold it off. My gain!
1995 Ford Bronco (Burgandy)


pic of the gasket, that is exactly the position it was in lol. It let just enough oil into the system to keep the bearings alive but not enough for the top end. Glad i did not try driving it. i detailed the motor before re installing it
pretty much stock body but it did have an aftermarket billet grille that i have since swapped back to the OEM chrome grille



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