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Wimbleton White with Jade Green Metalic.
"Custom" model with the round headlights. For some reason this base model came with the race track trim and two tone.
My Dad bought this new from Ford when he worked for them in Dearborn, Michigan. I was 12 and rode on my toy box all the way from Michigan to Jackson, Wyoming (it didnt come with a back seat). My brother bought it from Dad, he basically beat the hell out of it for 15 years or so. Its been everywhere, Alaska, Southwest, back up north and now out here in Oregon. It was impounded briefly in Canada for an indescretion on my Brothers part, whoops. It was stolen in Albuquerque but we recovered it by chance, all stripped out in the desert on an idian res. So yes, my Ford really does stand for "Found on Reservation Dump".
I bought if from my Bro, he bought it back and about 5 years ago I traded him my revolver for it.
The first thing I did to it this go around was to re-wire it with a factory harness I stumbled upon. Best thing I ever did to her. Second, I rebuilt the T Case and mod'd it to a twin stick, which is a blast in the deep snow using front wheel drive and doing sharp donut turns.
I finally got around to swapping motors and cant wait to drive it again. This 429 should breath some new life into her!
1978 Ford Bronco (Wimbleton White with Jade Green Metalic.)


A mildly built 429 Thunderjet. Balanced bottom end, 292 cam, roller rockers, double roller timing chain. AND FRIGGING EFI BABY!
Nothing except a heavy duty rubber mat replacement.
Nothing. I like the stock look, no poser stickers, no gay pavement pounder crap.
Zero, zip, nada. Except for the stock hole in the dash.
*Update, I built a black textured filler panel for the radio hole. I also build a gimble mount for the fuel injection programmer to ride in.
New front springs and bushings all around.
Wheel and Tire
Stock wheels, 33" M/Ts


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