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General Information

Bought in March of 2018.
So Far...
1. Replaced 32" tires with factory 29" to get rid of road noise and '65 shimmy - it worked amazingly well
2. Replaced the power steering pump
3. Replaced the TPS after having issues with the truck dying at idle. It worked really well.
4. Replaced tailgate window track liners, my window was having issues going up and down and I thought it was the motor going out. I checked and it was the rubber lining deteriorating and clogging up the track. I replaced the liners and the window works great!

Have Yet to do...(in no specific order)
1. Want to rebuild the transmission (AOD) just to get the experience and see what it will do
2. Replace the shell
3. Check/fix timing if needed
4. Paint
5. Lift
6. Clean up and replace the interior with black or gray vinyl, diamond plate sidewalls, and green seats
7. Check/replace the EGR if needed. The truck seems to be running a little rich, and it seems like exhaust just pours in the window when I'm at a stoplight. Not sure if this is a leak or the EGR getting clogged.
8. Body work (rust and a few holes need to be patched)
9. Put in some bluetooth capabilities for the radio/entertainment. (Need to learn how to read wiring diagrams first)
10. Fix the AC, the condenser is bad so I need to replace it. Should I replace just the condenser or should I go for a whole system swap?
1989 Ford Bronco (Black)


5.0 V8 with an AOD transmission. I'm probably going to rebuild the trans soon, I'll be sure to post pictures when I do.
Gonna pull out the red vinyl and replace it with black or gray vinyl. I want to make the interior sidewalls diamond plate, and the seats would probably match the green I want to make the exterior.
None yet, plan on changing the paint and swapping out the shell for something that isn't rhino lined. Thinking a hunter green exterior with a white stripe down the middle.
The radio works, kinda.
I am not smart on suspension. I'll get some pictures up and ask for advice on whether or not anything needs to change.
Wheel and Tire
29" factories. I took of the 32" I had on, the noise was unbearable and the tires were about 10 years old. Once I get it mechanically sound, I'll focus on the tires and maybe lift it a little bit.


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