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Majestic Blue/Pawnee Tan
Eddie Bauer
My Third Bronco, purchased in Carrolton, TX in May of 2015 for $2200 with 98,000 miles. It only took 6 months to get it road worthy. In January of 2016, a lady in a Kia Rio ran a red light and I t-boned her. Her passenger mirror took out everything from the Driver side fender to the passenger headlight. After replacing the fender and apron, straightening the frame and core support, replacing the headlamps grille and steering components, she was just like new. In December of 2016, we pulled a trailer from Richardson, TX to Mesa, AZ when we moved. The trailer, a 2000 Ranger Bed with a shell, was loaded with all of my tools, parts and shop stuff, weighing in around 2000 Lbs. Our route took us through Amarillo,TX, down to Roswell,NM, into Los Cruces, NM and across. Coming down the Sacramento Mountains into Los Cruces, the brakes got hot and kept locking up. Stayed the night to let the brakes cool down and continued on in the morning. Made it to our new home on the 23rd of December. In February of 2017, we had to have the whole Brake System replaced, everything except the hard lines were replaced. Did a trans service, the fluid was burned, and had the tires replaced. Come April, she was ready for a new engine. The stock 5.8 had developed leaks of every fluid and I had plans for a new motor. I had Brian's Bronco Restoration, in Apache Junction, AZ, build a Lightingized 5.8 and swap it in. That was in June of 2017. It took me a year to get all of the bugs worked out with the charging & cooling systems along with several other projects like adding a light bar, CB and stuff like that. The Transmission will be replaced by the end of July.
1991 Ford Bronco (Majestic Blue/Pawnee Tan)


1993 Roller Block, GT-40 Heads, Speed Density Cam, High Volume Oil Pump, Roller tipped Rockers, Edelbrock Truck EFI Intake, BBK 61mm Throttle Body, '97 Explorer 5.0 Fule Injectors, Ford Racing Plug Wires, JBA Headers, Modified Bassani Y-Pipe, K&N Cold Air Intake, Route 66 SMOG Delete, Powermaster One-Wire 140Amp Alternator, relocated/replaced Overflow Reservoir, Oil Catch Can added inline with PCV Valve and Intake Manifold, '93 Lightning Computer and all New FORD Motorcraft Sensors (Except the IAC, it's a Standard Products IAC).
Added two ammo cans to the rear for my off-road equipment and extra fluids.
Added Nerf Bars, a Bull Bar, a 30" LED Light Bar and 2010 F-150 Washer Nozzles (to remove the silt when off-roading). Mounted a Hi-Lift Jack to the Rear Tire Swing and had a new spare tire bracket made to move the tire closer to the center.
Added Sony Explode Stereo and a CB.
Superlift 4" Lift with added leaf spring in the rear. Superlift Pre-Runner Steering.
Wheel and Tire
Nothing major yet; Soft 8 Steel Wheels and 32" BFG KO2 Tires for now. Future plans are to get 17" Method Wheels with 35" KM2s when we re-gear from 3:55 to 4:88 with Lockers.



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